Approaches for Mole removal

A Wide Selection of Approaches for Mole removal

Out of various methods one of the most popular methods followed for removal of mole is elliptical excision. The process of removal of moles involves the use of anaesthesia. Use of anaesthesia helps the patients to avoid pain which can be caused during the process of removal of mole. This technique is quite different from other methods of removal like laser or cryotherapy. The biggest disadvantage of using this method is the chances of scar on the skin which can’t be avoided. However, this method is less painful and costly, making it more demandable in the market.

How about the scars?

The scars caused by the treatment shall eventually pass away, but slight glimpse of the scar shall always be seen. Many people choose this technique, thinking that scars can be handled other ways by undergoing some plastic or cosmetic surgery.Approaches for Mole removal

About elliptical excision

The process may seem to be riskier at the beginning especially when compared with shave excision. Herein the skin is given deep cut which makes it prone to infection. Also it may lead to complexity in the treatment causing blood loss or wound going even worse. All such facts clearly specify that the time of healing is comparatively longer in this case in comparison to other methods followed for mole recovery. Patients should be mentally prepared for the treatment and also should gain complete knowledge about it as mentioned below;

  • During this treatment a large area of the skin is operated.
  • The skin is dissected in an oval shape which includes the area of mole and beyond it.
  • Skin might get affected during the process.

Why do people prefer this option?

In spite of the fact that the process leads to scars, the best part about it is it has less chances of recurrence of a mole. The main motive of the process is to focus on the mole, so no matter how deep the mole is they go beyond the way to reach roots and remove mole from it. It is thus considered to be one of the most effective ways of treating moles on your body.


It is another method which can be used for removal of moles by doctors. Before adopting any of these methods, patients should conduct a study on each one of them to be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Cryotherapy is the process where removal is done at low temperatures and such freezing cold temperature is used for destroying moles in the skin.

The main ingredient used during the process is nitrogen due to which freezing can be achieved easily however in situations where moles are deep rooted it might not be the right method to use. Two types of nitrogen can be used i.e. liquid nitrogen or frozen liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is applied on the mole directly while the frozen liquid is injected into the skin.

The above-mentioned methods can thus be used according to the type of mole a patient has and also on the basis of recommendation of doctors.

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