All You Need to Know about Mole Removal

All You Need to Know about Mole Removal

Mole removal is a procedure done to excise or remove an undesired mole that grew on any part of your body. It is done to reduce health risks or to help attain your preferred look. In addition, it is often performed by qualified or licensed medical practitioner with the use of a scalpel or a laser. Moles may sometimes be unnoticed especially if it grew in your body part that is usually covered with clothes.

While some moles do not pose any danger to your health, some have the potential to lead a more serious health problem. If you have moles that seems to have atypical characteristics, it is best that you it examined by a doctors who specializes in treating moles and other skin related disorders. Early diagnosis of skin abnormalities gives a better chance of recovery and healing.All You Need to Know about Mole Removal

Characteristics of a Mole

There are some of the characteristics of mole from which one can identify whether it is a mole or not. Some of the changes include small noticeable change in skin size, appearance, bleeding when touched, not having uniform color and has ragged edge.

If this signs any or all of the signs are present in the mole on your face or body, you must consider having it check and have your mole removed. You may have several reasons why you want to eliminate your mole; but the best one that you should consider are the benefits that you can get when you have your moles removed.

Benefits of Mole Removal

If you remove the mole in time it can help save you from irritation and pain. Moreover it helps in getting rid of its growth and enhances your appearance and self-confidence. Since moles can be cancerous, dermatologists normally examine them carefully, and they often request for a biopsy. A small portion from the mole may be excised for this purpose. Then the tissue is usually sent for the study in pathological labs which can help determine that the mole is mole and how to remove the growth of it.

The shaving method is done by removing the protruded surface of the mole, but a small portion of the mole may be left and may lead to its recurrence. On the other hand, cutting method may be used to normal and atypical moles. With the help of a scalpel the mole and underlying tissues are removed and the incision is closed with a stitch or two.

Mole Removal Techniques

Mole removal can be performed no longer than an hour. A local anesthesia may be given before the surgery is performed with a light sedative to keep you calm and relaxed. The procedure is usually done in your doctor’s clinic or office or at the out-patient department of some hospitals.

Preparing yourself before the procedure is also very essential. During your consultation, you and your surgeon must discuss all the details regarding your medical management for removing your mole, including the total possible cost of the treatment. The discomfort that you may encounter after surgery depends on the number of moles removed and the depth where it was removed. Redness and inflammation will appear in couple of days.

Mole removal can be considered to be an elective surgical procedure and gives you ample time to prepare. This procedure can be very successful once you remain compliant to your surgeon’s instructions.

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