All about WANs

All you Need to Know About Wide Area Networks: Types, Features & Negatives

A Wide Area Network is the one that covers large areas. And when we talk about large areas we mean beyond the metropolitan, regional and the even the national boundaries. If we talk in simple language WAN basically connects two or more LAN by the use of devices which are either routers or act like routers. The users at the different at the location of Wide Area Network are connected by a common server. It is called as a server as it will indeed serve the different people, institutions or business groups all together. With the use of the central database system all the computers that are connected to this WAN can save the data in real time and thereafter send input results to the central server in order to receive the output results at the same time.

Types of WAN

There are 4 types of WAN connection options. These include:

  • Leased Line connection
  • Circuit switching connection
  • Packet switching connection
  • Cell relayAll about WANs

The leased line out of all these is the most classic type of WAN connection option where there is point to point connection between two computers. This is largely used by small colleges or schools.

The Circuit switching is another type of WAN. In this type of WAN, a circuit is created between the end points. One phenomenal example of this is Dial up connection. Another feature of broad network is the packet switching connection where multiple sets of data is sent and received simultaneously.

Features of WAN

With the use of WAN, the common resources are used by one company. Example, in case a person has bought a prescription drug from a store in UK then his entry will be done in a computer. Post that he or she will be able to buy that drug from any other branch of that chain of pharmacies in the country. The banks to work on the same principal. Previously banks used to allow the people to cash money from one designated branch of the bank. However, now people are able to cash the money from any branch of bank using the online banking. The Wide Area Network has made the communication procedure diagonally easier. The distance between the people has been reduced marginally. This has been possible by the introduction of Virtual Private network where the employees can take their work home and even store and share this work online.

Negatives of WAN

Having brought forward everything there are few negative things about WAN. Security being the number one issue in this case. By the use of WAN anyone can access your computer if they have your IP address. Moreover, installation of WAN in institutions and schools require a huge amount of money, resources and heavy maintenance.

Final Words

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that WAN has brought revolution in our lives as it has made the entire communication process faster and easier. Thus, WAN has made our lives easier which no one could even think off 20 years from now.  

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