WAN - Advantages and Disadvantages

General Advantages and Disadvantages of Wide Area Network

The internet would not have been possible without the invention of the intelligent switches, fiber optic cables, satellites and the LAN cards. Internet is one example of Wide Area Network (WAN). Since LAN works only in a limited distance, we need WAN to connect institutions and offices at the different locations. WAN indeed connects 2 or more LANs, and this has been made possible by the use of devices called as routers. There are a couple of ways to build WAN. You can either use your own cable between two or more different locations or you can take aid of leased lines for the same. Almost all the companies use leased lines as it is very expensive to bear the cost of own cables.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The big business institutions and companies today get leased lines from the different service providers and then pay them on monthly basis. The companies thereafter establish Virtual Private Network from these leased lines. The VAN can establish by buying the live IPs from the service providers at two or more different locations. In order to secure this network, the network administrators use the routers and firewalls to secure the networks.WAN - Advantages and Disadvantages

When using WAN, the users from the different locations are connected to one common server. The name server has been given as this will indeed provide service to all the locations that are connected to it. They are indeed connected to a central database on the server. The computers tend to save the data in real time. They send queries; fetch reports, all at the same time. The banking system is a very good example of WAN network.

Benefits of WAN

The benefits of WAN are unlimited. Suppose you’re sitting in one country then the office in another country will seem like just next door. You’ll be able to share different reports, prints, queries, documents, scan and search through thousands of the documents, all within seconds. Besides, this you’ll be able to monitor different location offices with the use of a digital camera and do so much more. The advantages are infinite, and it is purely up to you which benefits you want to get from the technology. The sophistication factor largely increases with the cost factor.

Disadvantages of WAN

Despite several advantages there are some disadvantages too. However, these disadvantages can be overcome by the use of latest technology. On WAN the key problem is of security. When you get connected on the internet by use of Live IPs, anyone can intrude into your server and hack your privacy. To manage this firewalls and router securities can be used. However, implementation of this is a costly affair. The latency period of WAN is high, but this can also be catered by taking high speed internet connections.

Final Words

In the article above we have covered all the necessary details about WAN, VPN and then the advantages and disadvantages of WAN. Hopefully, we have answered all your queries regarding the same.

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