Getting Rid of Moles – Here are the Remedies for Mole Removal

Moles are one of the most common skin conditions in humans. Moles can be spotted on different parts of a body and some people find it uncomfortable to live with it. To get rid of the discomforts people look out for different ways of removing the mole, however before that it is important for individuals to understand what mole actually is.

About Moles

There are various types of moles which includes black, brown or pink spots on the body. Moles which are present on face of a person are considered as beauty marks. These moles may differ in size however most of them are harmless to people. Some moles are caused due to exposure of sun, while some of them stay forever. At times it may also lead to cancer in humans which is why it is important to get them removed from the body.Getting Rid of Moles

Getting Rid of Moles

Various different methods can be adopted for getting rid of moles which includes the following;

Surgical methods

It is one of the most popular methods of removing moles however the basic thing to do is consult doctor before getting started with it. Patients after the surgery may take some time to recover from it, at times surgery leaves behind itself some scars on human body.

Home remedies

It is strongly suggested that patients should adopt home remedies instead of using other methods for removing mole. These remedies will not leave any scar on body of the patients. To begin with mole can be treated by applying honey over it and covering it with band aid. The use of honey shall kill enzymes and also causes removal of moles.

Types of home remedies

Home remedies are one of the best methods to follow especially because of the fact that it does not leads to any side effects on the body of individuals. Various types of home remedies can be followed as discussed below;

Use apple cider vinegar

It is considered as one of the magical ingredients which are used for treating many things at home and one such treatment is the process of mole removal. The acids present within the vinegar i.e. malic and tartaric acid is really useful in removing mole from the body and it results into complete removal.

Effective use of garlic

It can also be used for treating the moles effectively. Crush some fresh pieces of garlic and then form a paste. Apply the paste on mole however make sure that the skin surrounded to it is not exposed to mole. After applying garlic, cover it with bandage for few days and in a time period of five days one shall get to see effective results of mole removal.


It is a good choice to make, especially in comparison to vinegar and garlic which shall cause burning sensation on the body. Iodine can be applied directly on the body for three times in a day. The process should be continued unless one is able to see good improvement in the appearance and condition of mole.

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