HostGator VS DreamHost Comparison

HostGator VS DreamHost: Comparison Based on Customer Support

The IT industry is currently the fastest growing industry of our country and we have seen it changing our lifestyle in so many ways. There are needs for all kind of support and services today when it comes to IT sector. Everyone is in need of a these help and support, so much that every big companies and product based companies have their own support teams to help the users. Then how can our website hosting panels stay behind. The support for the hosting panels is much more crucial and has to be 24×7 as the websites are used around the clock. If your site is down you should have a hosting service that will help you in restoring your site back to normal in no time.

We have looked into the two companies offering hosting services and their support panel as well. We will be discussing the support panel for the HostGator and DreamHost in this article, but before that let us have a look at the primary requirements and reasons for why you need these support panels.HostGator VS DreamHost Comparison

What and why you need?

  • A support teams is the helping hand for you in crisis situation. They can guide you through the tedious process of restoring back your website.
  • If you are a new developer or just a startup that are not well aware of the database management or any other hosting related issues then support comes very handy.
  • The 24×7 availability ensures that your site is never down and any kind of issue can be handled at any time.
  • The hosting service provider should provide you support over various mediums. The phone and live chat options are best as they help you to resolve issues in real-time. In e-mails the delay is added per response.

Now look at the support that is offered by these two well-known hosting brands.


The company started providing hosting solution in 2002 and is very successful now. The main reason behind that is their very cheap costing and the great technical support team. They provide a 24×7 support to all the users. No matter what plan you opt for you will be able to resolve an issue over hotline number, live chat with their team or e-mail. The service itself is free of cost and no charges are added in your monthly bill.


It is a well-known name in hosting and is running since 1997. The support team is very efficient and resolves the issues very professionally. The support although varies in accordance with your hosting plan. The basic plan user can get tech support over e-mail only whereas the advanced users can get it over phone and live chat as well. These plans are costly although. Service charge is added on your monthly bill.

The Bottom Line

After comparing various user reviews and expert views we have concluded that in terms of the support service HostGator is the winner as they are providing service to all user at no extra cost.

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