HostGator Versus DreamHost Comparison

HostGator VS DreamHost: Comparison Based on Performance

There are limitless possibilities for a business to grow if you are creating a professional website of your company. The website development has nowadays become must for all kind of business platforms. The basic needs before your setup your own site is a suitable domain name that will create a unique identity of yours in the worldwide web and then a well-designed website. The actual platform that will make it possible is a good Web hosting service provider.

A Web Hosting company actually rents you space on their server for you to display your stored data on the website. It is important that you choose a hosting panel that will support your site well and you won’t have to face the problems of site getting down all the time. The performances of various hosting services are different, depending upon various factors. We should first be aware of the factors that are responsible for better performance.HostGator Versus DreamHost Comparison

The Key Factors

Any hosting website should have following characteristics to support a better performance.

  • Ample data storage on the server to upload heavy media and databases.
  • Support for the various media formats that are used widely on the internet.
  • An updated and easy to use control panel to make the data management easier.
  • Backup options so as to help recover from a crashed website scenario.
  • The bandwidth allocation should be good so as to support the site in case of high traffic situations.
  • The support team should be dedicated and work towards improvising from time to time.

Now we will look at the performance charts of the two major hosting service providers in market. The HostGator and DreamHost are the leading names in hosting. Let’s have a look at their performance comparison.


It was established in 2002 and is growing rapidly since then. The performance of this hosting service is backed by many satisfied users who are using the service for long time. The cPanel control panel management is the best type of database management support, which is provided by them. The bandwidth is really good especially in U.S. where they even have optical fiber servers. The support team is available to help you 24×7 and you can get your site up in no time if it crashes. Although, chances of this is negligible with their great service.


Established in 1997 it is one of the oldest service providers. They have a huge customer base that has been using it for years now. The guaranteed 100% uptime by them is based on confidence and good background. The control panel is a custom one which is not good. Bandwidth is expandable on demand. It is lagging in support system for the basic users with no hotline or live chat facility. They offer better plans and services for the users who sign up for a year or unlimited plan.

The Bottom Line

The performance of both the hosting panels is good and almost equivalent. Your choice can be based upon your needs and budget although. The HostGator is suitable for startups and DreamHost for the established enterprises.

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