HostGator VS DreamHost Review Comparison

HostGator Vs DreamHost (March 2020) – Which is the Best?

All those startups that are planning on getting a website done for their companies must be looking for a good hosting solution. The question is why hosting so important? It is important because in times when every site is designed to look better and packed with more media and descriptive it becomes very important that you have a hosting sever that will allow your users to experience the vibrant site you have been planning, without any delay or glitch. There are several service providers who claim to be better than others. We have found out in our survey that the two most used Hosting Service providers today in market are HostGator and DreamHost.

We have compared and analyzed the two hosing services in terms of pricing, support, easy management, backup, etc. All these aspects are important to judge the credibility of any hosting portal. So now you can have a look at their features individually.HostGator VS DreamHost Review Comparison


The company itself was established in 2002, but still has managed to reach the top spot and is a well-known name among users. There are various hosting providers who will give better performance but charge very high, and some who will charge low have poor performance. HostGator bridged this gap and changed the industry with its basic plans priced at mere $3.75. The performance of the HostGator hosted websites is very nice and works really fine. What makes it even better is the support for MySQL, PHP, WordPress and all other website development methods by default. The support team can be reached 24×7 via phone, mail or live chat. The first time signups can get a 25% discount on the plan that they choose. They also give you full backup support and Shared SSL certificate along with the shell access.


The user number of DreamHost is surely something they are proud of. The company was established in 97 and is among the top companies in hosting services. The company offers a number of plans to the different user types. They have a good bandwidth allocation for heavier sites which can be expanded on demand. The control panel for database management is a custom made which is nice but is far off from the cPanel offered by HostGator. It has a very distinguished support plan, where the basic plan users get the support over email only and the higher plan user will get the phone and live chat support as well. The price that you pay for the basic plan is $9 for one month. There is no backup service, shared SSL certificate and shell access in the basic plan. They do offer free domain for the user who buy the advanced or unlimited plan.

Final Say

The comparison of the two hosting options leads us to a mixed review. The hosting panel that you choose should be purely based on your requirements and your budget. We hope that the article will help you in choosing the best option for you. Although in nutshell HostGator is best for startups and DreamHost for established websites.

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