Back Up Data to Amazon Glacier

How to Back Up Data to Amazon Glacier using Few Simple Steps

Amazon Glacier is a very cheap Cloud Storage option that is available for the users who want to back up their data. It has been designed for the data backups that are seldom accessed. It is a really cheap option that is available today with a price of just a penny for 1 GB of data storage space. The data transfer is a little slower when compared to other services but will work for you if you just want a backup and not a regular accessed data backup.

We will look into a step by step guide for creating an account to use this service and connect it with third party software to access this data.Back Up Data to Amazon Glacier

Sign Up at Amazon Web Services

You need an Amazon account for using this service. You can also create a new Amazon Web Services at their website. Remember that you will need to fill in your credit card details to use this service as the charges are directly taken from your credit card at the end of each month. You will get a free trial of 750 hrs. with a 50 GB storage which you should take before using the actual service as it will give you an idea of its usefulness.

Save your Security Access Key for Your Amazon Glacier Account

After a successful sign in you need to proceed to the Security Credentials page. When you expand the “Access Keys “button, select the “Create New Access Key” button. It will download the key file in CVS format directly to your computer. Keep it safe.

Creating a Vault in Glacier

Amazon Glacier creates vaults to store the data. The best feature is that you can choose the location of the server where you want to store the data, you can choose from following regions US East, US West, Asia, EU. The costs are different according to the locations and thereby you can check the price in the calculator. Name the vault according to the data you want to store and then enable or disable the notification for any activity in the vault.

Install third party software to start uploading

The third party will make it easier for you to upload the data and later retrieve it as well. Software such as Fast Glacier will help you in expanding the bandwidth and speed up the transfer process. You can also use other software such as Cloudberry Explorer for the computer.

Link the third-party account with the Glacier account

The final step is to link the two accounts to setup the auto backup option and also sync your account from time to time. You will have to enter the Access Key and Secret Access Key code for setting up the account. You will also have to login into the account of the software.

Final Words

The features offered by Amazon Glacier service is the best when compared to others on the basis of price and storage space offered. We are sure this article will make it easy for you to setup account.

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