Importance of Internship in Life of a Student

Importance of Internship in Life of a Student

What you gain tomorrow depends on your today’s hard work. The world today is highly competitive and in order to carve a niche of your own you need to work really hard. Getting a good job is a lot more than just a day’s toil – especially for college students and recent graduates. People often spend week after week and sometimes even months signing up at one job portal after the other but all in vain. However, what you actually need to do is, get an internship!Importance of Internship in Life of a Student

A recent survey conducted worldwide showed that 69% of companies with 100 or more employees offered full-time jobs to their interns in 2012. The recent trends today affirm this survey and clearly state that internships have transformed into the new interview in the procedure to avail jobs.

Evolving nature of internships

With time, the internships have broken all the geographical boundaries and has gone global. Today the interns move from one country to another and try their hands on various kinds of jobs. There are a couple of educational institutes and organizations that are actually professing cross-cultural internship.  This is valuable in creating a global work culture. This has been extremely helpful in giving a global exposure to the people all over the world. This has brought a major boost in the economies. Thus, there is a need felt for skilled workers who have a deeper understanding of global market and diversified cultures. The different organizations have special internship programs designed for global interns.

Due to this advancement and growth in the time there have been new internship platforms that have specially designed programs like the Global Internship Program, Google Student Ambassador, etc. These designed programs provide a chance to the foreign students to work with companies in India and Indians to work with foreign companies. These help the students gather global culture and become better professionals.

Why interning is essential for professional growth?

Riding high on the corporate ladder is just not easy. This is because a couple of students get enrolled in the colleges every year however it is only a few of them who actually are able to get a job. However, in case you do need a good job, you’ll need a few tips. To ride high on the ladder of success, it is important for you to take one step at a time. The first step here is acquiring a good internship.

Features of Internships

There are few common features that are applicable in all internships program.

  • Rendezvous with the professional world: Internships are a great way to kick start your professional career.
  • Identifying one’s own strength and weaknesses: This will let you know the areas where you’re strong or the areas where you lag.
  • Developing talent: The internships help you develop talent related to the specific area that you do you’re internship in.

Understanding teamwork and organizational process

By the help you internship program you’ll be able to work in teams and learn the entire organizational procedure.

Final Words

Above we have mentioned the importance of internship. So, do get enrolled in this program and get numerous advantages.

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