Internships - Paid Or Unpaid, Does it Really Matter

Internship: The power move for career change

Enrolling yourself in an internship is a great way of mentoring and teaching students or workers new ways of performing within a specific company or even during the future prospects of their life. There has been an exponential growth in the number of students getting enrolled in the internship programs. This has been made possible as a lot of companies offer job and other opportunities with the people enrolled in this internship program. Thus internship often serves as the gateway to opportunity. Thus, it is important for students all over the world to understand the role that internship will play in your life.Internships - Paid Or Unpaid, Does it Really Matter

What exactly is an internship?

There are a couple of types of internships that the student can enroll themselves in. But not all jobs will qualify as such. The internship program will give you a great learning experience and will open up the wider prospects in that specific field. Some of the work performed during an internship is viewed as minor, but it is important for understanding all aspects of the job. Some internships are available during the school year or during the summer. Some people even take part in programs after graduation. The internship that you choose to do must be chosen keeping in view the field that you educated yourself in. For example, in case you’re an electronics graduate then you must look for an internship in an electronics field. However, in case you are a computers graduate engineer then you must look for an internship in a computer software firm.

The role internship will play is basically a mix effort of both the employer and student. Remember that Internships can either be paid, unpaid, may receive academic credit or none at all. In case the internship is unpaid it means that the company that you choose has stringent laws and regulations. Many a times, the unpaid internships never do any good to the company or the interns. This is because the employees might never work hard enough as they aren’t getting any reward for their work and the company will never be able to progress. Often it is seen that the companies try to replace the paid labor with these unpaid interns. This is generally the worst initiative on any company’s end.

How can students find internships?

One of the first things that you must do is finding out about all the potential internship opportunities via your College Career Office. The Career Office generally helps the students format their cover letters, resumes, interviewing skills, and expectations within the workplace. You can even ask for recommendation from family or friends. Apart from this you can even check out Career Fairs, which are often provided on campus from time to time. The search for an apt internship can also be conducted online.

Final Words

Thus internships are extremely important in shaping your career. Hence, you must never miss an opportunity to enroll yourself in any type of internship program.

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