Internships - Paid Or Unpaid, Does it Really Matter

Internships – Paid Or Unpaid, Does it Really Matter?

A lot of colleges and universities require students to complete an internship program in their chosen field. Even if it is not mandatorily required by a college, even then internships are important as they are a great way to gain experience, exposure, training and make important networking connections with the people who are going to be (or are already in) the same field of work as you. Many a times, people say that internship is okay, but does that really make a difference whether the internship that you enroll yourself in is paid internship or an unpaid internshipInternships - Paid Or Unpaid, Does it Really Matter

Factor that might influence the choice of internships

There are a couple of college students who are extremely lucky and do not face any financial obligations. These kids live with their parents and their parents cater to the needs of their kid’s expenses. In case a student is not any financial obligation then they can definitely choose even the unpaid internships. However, in case they’re getting paid internship then there is no reason to decline that either.

However there are some students who are at the opposite end of the spectrum and are overburdened by financial obligation. In such a situation students generally prefer an internship that is paid. This is because they’ll have to use it to pay cheque that comes from the internship to pay their multiple bills and meet their financial obligations. The paid internships can be harder to find, however in case you’re skilled then it should not be tough for you.

Paid vs Unpaid

In case a student is not able to afford an unpaid internship and doesn’t qualify for a paid one then in that case there is no option but to compromise. In that case it is a great idea to rather look out for part time internships. This will allow the students to even get the requisite experience from the internship as well as do the other part time job that will help you pay your bills.

Importance of Internship

It is extremely vital for the students to understand the importance of internship in their career. Internship will not only have an impact on the education but also on their career. Many students may not approve of leaving their home in summer vacations to carry out unpaid internships. However, If there is any possible way that a student can take an internship, whether it is paid or not, they should do whatever they need to do to make it happen.

Final Words

Students must try their best to get a paid internship however it is not just realistic. However, as mentioned above students must try and take some time off of the unpaid internship or opt for part time unpaid internship to carry out a job in the remaining time to pay their bills. This way they’ll be able to both learn and earn.  However, we strongly recommend that paid or unpaid one must never reject any internship.

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