Impact of WAN on Businesses

The Impact of Wide Area Networks on Business

Wide Area Network is generally used by big companies and business houses as the coverage of the network extends to national and international boundaries. The Wide Area Network is designed in such a manner that it will cover large areas. When we talk about the large areas, it basically means beyond the local, metropolitan, regional and the even the national boundaries. Talking in technical terms, we can say that a WAN basically connects two or more LAN by the use of devices which are either routers or act like routers.

The users at the different at the location of Wide Area Network are connected by a common server. It is called as a server as it will indeed serve the different people, institutions or business groups all together. With the use of the central database system all the computers that are connected to this WAN can save the data in real time and thereafter send input results to the central server in order to receive the output results at the same time. The business is largely being influenced by the use of Wide Area Network.Impact of WAN on Businesses

Types of WAN network

There are 4 types of WAN connection options. These include:

  • Leased Line connection
  • Circuit switching connection
  • Packet switching connection
  • Cell relay

Impact of WAN

WAN covers international boundaries

In case you have a well expanded business and the branch of your business does exist in other parts of the world too then WAN does play an important role. For example, if you are based in Delhi and have another branch of your business in UK then you can simply view the happenings in UK by the use of the company profile.

Share files over any distance

With the help of WAN, the file, documents, audio, video, images transfer has been made easy. You can sit anywhere in the world and share the files to any other part of the world. Thus, it can be well said that the file transfer has been made easier with WAN.

Work from any location

You don’t necessarily need to be at your office desk to operate the information of your company or branch. You can log in to the company profile and then work from your home or any other possible geographical location that you’re at with absolute ease.

Share company functions

Since the business of the companies is expanding, they need to share internal functions such as reports of sales, marketing reports, accounting, production, manufacturing and development. That’s when the role of WAN comes into the picture. The companies use WAN and the network takes information from the individual based network and transforms it to a uniformed or comprehensive computer network.

Final Words

Thus, there is a heavy requirement of Wide Area Network in the smooth functioning of the business. Any company or group that is looking forward to progress and expand globally must implement WAN in their business. However, don’t forget to take security measures.

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