Tips for writing a resume for engineering internship

Tips for writing a resume for engineering internship

Before we rush to the tips for writing a resume in order to get selected for an internship we wish to give you a basic background about the resumes.

What is a resume?

A resume is basically a written compilation of your education, work experience, credentials, and accomplishments that is used to apply for jobs. It is one of the most important pieces of any job application. Any company that you wish to get an internship will ask for your resume or CV.Tips for writing a resume for engineering internship

Types of Resumes

Resumes are basically of 4 different types. These 4 types of resumes include the chronological resume, a functional resume, a combination resume and a targeted resume.

In case you are planning to write a resume for an engineering internship then do follow the tips as below.

  1. Internships and Co-ops:In case you have been enrolled in early internships during college then do mention about these internships. In such a case you’re definitely going to get a paid internship. This is because the employer will know that you already have a knowledge of the desired field. Write about the field of work, the company that you worked in and the time period for which you’re enrolled in work.
  2. Volunteering:In case you have volunteered in a field of work that has any connections with the area that you’re applying for internship then it would definitely be an additional benefit for you. This experience that you gained in the volunteer ship term can be a great way to showcase your pertinent skills. Again, leave nothing to the imagination. Be sure to include accomplishments, completed projects, and expertise gained from your volunteer work. Thus, volunteering can be a great way to strengthen your resume and impress the employers.
  3. Personal Projects or Hobbies:In case you carried out any personal projects in the college term that have relevance to your field then this will definitely be a great way to boost up your career. Be specific about the hobbies that interest you. For example, in case you have developed few applications then this will be a great booster for you in case you’re applying for a computer science engineering internship.
  4. The true focus of an engineering internship resume….soft skills:  This is important in case you have little experience in the field of work or haven’t done any internship part time or full time in the past. Ensure that you’re able to convey to the employer that you’re hardworking and dedicated.  Do write a special analysis about your personality and leadership skills. Hiring managers want new employees that easily integrate into the company culture, so highlight any personality traits that would indicate your ability to do so.

Final words

Above, we have mentioned few tips that will help you in writing the best resume in order to get yourself an internship. Do follow the tips and tricks as above and never get rejected in any engineering internship.

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