Using LinkedIn to find internships

Using LinkedIn to find internships

LinkedIn is a social networking platform that is largely useful for professional networking and searching of jobs. Though LinkedIn may not be able to provide you a full time job however with the help of LinkedIn you’ll be able to get an internship. In this article we have summed up 3 major reasons that are necessary in order to utilize a LinkedIn account. These 3 main reasons include, creating a professional brand online, networking and finding internships or jobs.Using LinkedIn to find internships

Create a Professional Brand

LinkedIn is known to help you in your personal branding. Thus, it is definitely a great platform to search for an internship. There is a Learning Center in LinkedIn that helps users to develop an appealing and attractive page that would attract the attention of employers. You’ll have to fill in necessary details such as the seminars that you have attended, the awards received by you, educational attainment (details about your school and college), your personal blog and all other professional achievements which prospective persons can review and evaluate. The objective here is to make you stand apart from the other internship seekers.  Thus it’s highly important and advisable to spend more time building your page and making it look as attractive as possible. In order to get positive attention and get popular in your network you must become an “expert.” You can do that by sharing industry secrets, tips and other types of information on the LinkedIn Answers. Do, make use of this feature and become an expert on LinkedIn.

To make proper utilization of LinkedIn you shouldn’t just restrict yourself to creating a LinkedIn account. This is not enough to get an internship. After you’ve made a professional brand on LinkedIn you’ll have to use it everywhere online, it could be your job boards, your social networking platforms and other online forums. You can also include it on your actual resume or direct managers, HR officers and the administrative personnel to your LinkedIn account.  This will help you give a better view of resumes and chances of approval increases.

Moreover, it will be helpful in enhancing your ranking as it will have a great impact on the search engines. This basically means that if somebody is doing a search by your name then there is a fair chance that your LinkedIn network link appears on the top. Incubate specific keywords in order to be found by the recruiters and HR professionals via your LinkedIn network.

Build your Professional Network

You can use your connections on the LinkedIn to get internships. Moreover, you must get connected to as many people as possible. These people can be your friends, people from your school, college or company that you plan to work in.

Find Internships and Jobs

If you have companies and employers in your connections then when they post job openings you’ll be able to find internships and jobs easily.

Thus, LinkedIn is a great way to find internships. So, do utilize it to the maximum level.

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