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WP Engine WordPress Hosting Review 2020

WP WordPress hosting company was co-founded by Jason Cohen and Ben Metcalfe in the year 2011 at Austin, Texas and it maintained a good reputation among users with best customer satisfaction in this business. The company relies on better management. So they really make serious efforts to help and support customers with any issues related to WordPress. It has gained a huge fan base with WordPress customers and community and growing every day with better technology and services. Let us read WP Engine WordPress Hosting Review.WP Engine Review

WP Engine WordPress Hosting Plans

There are basically three types of hosting plans offered by the company. Company has not specified what Premium plan is but plans could be customized if demand arises. The three plans offer unlimited bandwidth or data transfer speed but the storage is limited.

  • Personal Plan: $29.00/month which is the most basic type of plan with single WordPress installation and visits are restricted to 25k monthly.
  • Professional Plan: $99.00/month which includes installation upto 10 and number of visits could be 100k in a month.
  • Business Plan: This consists of 24 WordPress installation and around 400k visits in a month.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting Pricing Concerns

In case you don’t find value for money and want to alter or change the plan. You can easily contact customer support. If you wish to end up your services early, there is 60-day money back guarantee mechanism which is clean and there are no cancellation fees or hidden charges in this. Continue reading WP Engine WordPress Hosting Review.

WP Engine WordPress Reliability and Performance

The company has customized build and tuned servers with high reliability and security. They have managed to keep the servers free from hacking, also limiting some plugins which reduces the chances of server crash in case of conflicts. There is daily backup mechanism and single click restoration system which further reduces the chances of sites going down.

WP Engine WordPress Customer Support

Their customer support base is also known as Support Garage which acts like a backbone. It consists of knowledge base which covers various set of topics for sharing valuable information to customers. There is better password protection system and accessibility is optionally available through email, Twitter, Facebook or Google Accounts. Also there is on call support between 9 am to 6pm CST. For emergencies, they have 24 x7 support. This depends on the support contract you take from the company. Read WP Engine WordPress Hosting Review to learn more about it.

WP Engine WordPress Ease of Use

The company has many data centers at various locations like New York, London and Tokyo which provides ease of usage at much faster speeds. The have managed to keep multiple servers, expensive hardware and cache memories which are critical factors for leveraging its performance and usage.

Final Thoughts

WP Engine WordPress Hosting is although a costly service, but it is packed with high security, better speeds and more support systems. WordPress installs have been till date free from any hacking systems and are well supported with 24×7 support. The technology and services are best in class and the extra investment only gives a peace of mind which not everyone can enjoy these days so spending money on WP engine is a healthy business. Hope you enjoyed reading WP Engine WordPress Hosting Review. Get ready to contribute another WP Engine WordPress Hosting Review from your side, after using this hosting.



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